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Transport Allianz C-160 Transall
Official Designation C-160 Transall
Primary Role Tactical airlift
National Origin European Union
Original Contractor Transport Allianz
Wingspan 131 feet, 3 inches (40m)
Length 106 feet, 3.5 inches (32.40m)
Height at Tail 38 feet, 5 inches (11.65m)
Cargo Hold Max Width: 10 feet, 4 inches (3.15m);
Max Height: 9 feet, 6 inches (2.98m);
Length (including ramp): 56 feet, 6 inches (17.21m)
Armament None
Engines Two Rolls-Royce Tyne RTy.20 Mark 22 turboprops
Horsepower 6,100 shp each
Cruise Speed 308 mph (495km/h)
Max Speed 323 mph (520km/h)
Range 972 nm (1,800km) with max payload
Service Ceiling 26,900 feet (8,200m)
Operating Weight 63,400 pounds (28,758kg)
Max Payload 35,273 pounds (16,000kg)
Max Takeoff Weight 108,245 pounds (49,100kg)
Takeoff/Landing Distances Takeoff: 3,609 ft (1,100m) at 108,245 pounds (49,100kg)
Landing: 1,181 ft (360m) at normal landing weight
Basic Crew Four
Date Deployed 1967
Total in Service Unknown
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